Furniture and lighting for bespoke interiors. Made in the Netherlands, enjoyed worldwide.

Siren stackable chair

Siren S01 – 1018 Oak Medley 60167 front_small Siren S01 – 1018 Oak Medley 60167 back_small
Siren setting_slede_colours_yellowgray
Siren setting_4 poot_table_redblue

Siren stackable chair

Siren S02 – 3011 Oak 67006 arms front Siren S02 – 3011 Oak Medley 67006 arms back

Blossom acoustic wall panel

Blossom_wallpanel_colorKiezel7 Blossom_wallpanel_colorblossom166

Blossom pendant lamp

Blossom pendant L – 3015 – Facet Olive Blossom pendant L – 1018 – Atlantic Screen 60011

Formosa Flatpack bar stool and table

A Formosa_Bar_table_fliptop_Oak_5020_b A Formosa_Bar_table_fliptop_Oak_5020_c
Siren setting_4 poot_RedBlue

Formosa Café table

Formosa-Café_table_ø80_3011_oak Formosa-Café_table_Sq_80x80_3011_walnut

Formosa low stool

Formosa-Lowstool_1018_oak Formosa-Lowstool_1018_Oak_Upholstery