Blossom - acoustic lighting and wall panels

Blossom by Mario Alessiani

Blossom absorbs sound waves and – if so desired – emits light. Light and sound, form and function. Designer Mario Alessiani says he was inspired by the shape of the tulip flower and we can see what he means. As a lamp Blossom resembles a tulip in full bloom, as an acoustic wall panel it is a deconstructed flower.

It comes in three sizes and is produced with high quality sound-absorbing foam and fabrics. The wall panels are available in five different sizes. White boards are also available in this collection; a Blossom white board makes a great design alternative for the traditional clunky boards. Although the Blossom white board does not offer acoustic benefits, they can of course be combined with acoustic panels. Mix and match!

Bogaerts blossom acoustic lighting