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Butler tables

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Design by bogaerts

Meet the Butler collection, where sustainability merges with design. The Butler tables are suitable for both private and professional use. The Butler collection consists of 5 table models named after famous fictional butlers. These tables serve as functional objects that blend seamlessly with their surroundings and can stand out in an interior with distinctive colors and materials.

Thanks to the design, which consists of 3 separate components, we address the need for a more sustainable product, allowing us to approach various materials in a circular manner.

Within the Butler collection, we offer various tabletop options: Tabletops sourced from 'The Good Plastic Company' and 'Kvadrat Really' both consist of recycled materials, repurposed from old products, and can be fully reused.

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The good plastic company

Sustainable material Goodplasticcompany2

The tabletops made from recycled plastic, sourced from 'The Good Plastic Company,' repurpose discarded plastic from old refrigerators and consumer electronics. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also results in sleek, modern surfaces that are perfect for any environment. Standard color is Terrazzo Nuovo white, with other colors available upon request.

Kvadrat Really

Sustainable material Kvadrat Really2

As an alternative, the tabletops made from recycled upholstery fabrics, crafted by 'Kvadrat Really,' breathe new life into materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. These tables provide a tangible, inviting surface that reflects sustainable craftsmanship. Standard colors are Really Cotton white, Cotton blue, and Cotton beige.

Eiken fineer of Fenix hpl

Butler table top optie.17

As a base, we offer the tabletops of the Butler collection in plywood finished with an oak veneer top layer or with Fenix HPL in standard black or light gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

Butler tables Charles & Mr. Carson

Butler tables Charles & Mr carson.6

from €319,- (3d configuration coming soon)

Butler tables Alfred & Geoffrey

Butler tables Geoffrey .10

from €459,- (3d configuration coming soon)

Butler table Lurch

from €579,- (3d configuration coming soon)