MONO desk
MONO desk

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MONO - foldable & mobile desk

MONO desk - by Philip Bogaerts & René Vullings

Mono desk is a foldable and mobile desk. Mono is easy to install and store making it ideally suitable for use in spaces where extra desks are temporary needed. Mono is made from plywood and recycled PET felt which absorbs sound and provides a atmosphere where the user can focus on work. The desks can also be linked easily for creating a nice straight set up.

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2 heights

Mono desk is available in 2 heights; 100cm and 140cm. The high version makes sure the user can work focused with no option to look over the edge while sitting. Both models can be installed permanently or temporary used.

Foldable & mobile

Mono desk is linkable to create a nice and straight row. By flipping the desk down and folding the sides towards the center Mono desk becomes flat and easy to transport and store. Mono desk can be delivered with or without wheels.

When the desk is installed you can drive the desk by tilting it to the back making the wheels touch the floor and replace the desk where you want, this gives you the opportunity to easily changes settings during a day.

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MONO desk