Focus in busy spaces
Focus in busy spaces

MONO - foldable and mobile study object

MONO by Philip Bogaerts & René Vullings

MONO is an all-in-one flexible study pod. It is foldable in a few easy steps making it ideal for usage in spaces where temporary extra working settings are needed. Mono has an integrated desk and is produced with recycled PET Felt which absorbs sound and creates an environment where the user can work focused.

Mono comes in 2 variations: Mono Solo & Mono Duo. Both products can be used for temporary applications or installed permanently.

The materials used are plywood, metal, recycled PET felt, Fabric 98% recycled polyester.

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MONO – Solo_Duokopie
MONO – Solo_5bkopie
MONO – Solo_3kopie
MONO – Solo_2kopie
MONO – Setting_1kopie
MONO – Duo_4kopie
MONO – Duo_3kopie

foldable & mobile

By closing the desk and sides of the Mono it becomes compact and easy to transport or store. Mono can be delivered with or without wheels.

When Mono is installed, the wheels are making it possible to rearrange placement by simply tilting the Mono to the back and move it around.

Creating different settings for different purposes.

MONO – color -12
MONO – color -10
MONO – color -8
MONO – color -3
MONO – color -6
MONO – color -2