Blossom whiteboard

Blossom is about lighting and sound absorption, but also as a functional element in your home or office. These Blossom wall panel shapes are also available as whiteboard to complement a wall setting with Blossom products. Designer Mario Alessiani says he was inspired by the shape of the tulip flower and we can see what he means. As a lamp Blossom resembles a tulip in full bloom, as an wall panel it is a deconstructed flower. The wall panels are available in five different sizes as a whiteboard with optional back light to create a soft glow on the wall.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Delivery time 6-7 weeks

95219 excl VAT
115265 incl VAT

Additional information

  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Base made in aluminium finished with powder coating
  • Front in whiteboard material
  • Marker and eraser included
  • Each wall panel with optional wall light
  • Feel free to ask for custom options in material or colours via