Mohs chair

A luxurious lounge chair that offers a new perspective on aesthetics, user experience, and materiality, the Mohs chair derives its name from the Mohs scale, which indicates the hardness of minerals and reflects the contrast of straight lines and edgy looks with a soft touch and feel. All components are assembled without glue, making it easy to repair, refurbish, or recycle.

During the design process, we focused on working with straight lines and easy-to-build materials, with 80% of them being bio-based. The comfort of the Mohs chair is relaxed yet active. The wide seat allows the user to find a comfortable position, which can be straight or angled with feet over the armrests. Ideally, we envision the Mohs chair in spaces where a good balance between a lounge and active vibe is desired. The wood structure is bio-based and fully recyclable. The soft arms, legs, and seating support are filled with coconut fibers and natural wool. For the seat, we added an extra 2 cm of traditional polyether foam for a high standard of comfort and durability.

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