Fabric production
Fabric production

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Quality & sustainability

Quality & Materials

Our products are produced with care and high quality materials. We think it is important to keep our production lines short for efficiency and proper control on processes and quality. By keeping our production close to home we try to keep our footprint as low as possible. The majority of our suppliers are located in the South of the Netherlands to minimize CO2 emissions and we offer various durable materials. We do not surplus production by only producing what is ordered. We think it speaks for itself that our attention must go to materials that can be recycled or reused, but especially towards high quality products that last for generations.



The warranty on our products is 5 years, but of course our products last longer than that. Not only are most of the materials fully recyclable, we also offer options to upgrade a product towards a second life so it will last another life-time. Our upholstered products can be renewed by applying new upholstery. The old foam and fabric can be up-cycled in new products. Steel and powder coated parts can be re-used or given a new coating which extends their quality and usability. Materials like wood that are used in our products are FSC certified, that means that these come from forests with sustainable forest management. The steel in our products can be fully recycled to it's raw material.

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All fabrics we offer in our collection are of high quality and have an above average Martindale value, this implies that these fabrics are extremely well suited for high-end project use and guaranteed to last as long as possible. Some of the fabrics we've selected are even 75% to 100% made from recycled polyester (PET). (Gabriel CHILI & Kvadrat REVIVE fabrics).

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Powder coating

To give color to our steel parts like table and chair legs we apply a powder based coating, this is the most durable and environmentally friendly way of coating there is. All material is used and there are no hazardous substances released during this process. This coating guarantees the longest quality for our products.


Transport is worldwide one of the most polluting industries. To bring our products from A to B we have to deal with this fact. Preferably we deliver our products as close as possible to our production facility in the Netherlands. However, we deliver our products worldwide and therefor we think about efficiency in packaging and our products in general.

Most of our products are stackable for efficient transport. Our Formosa collection is completely demountable and packaged flat pack, a high quality design product shipped in minimal amount of space and packaging. Our shipments are handled per order to minimize the volume and packaging materials and reduce CO2 emissions.

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